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Women In Kobani Continue To Lead

By Hawzhin Aziz

The women of Kobane have just built another women’s commune in the western village of Mijkom with the support and leadership of the women’s organization Kongreya Star (Star Congress). The commune consists of 5 committees which include Health, Economy, Self Protection, Education and Peace and Reconciliation. Women in the community were democratically elected into the different committees. There was the heavy emphasis on self-protection and ideological education in the system of democratic confederalism in the discussions held. Without the explicit organization of women, which includes self-protection but also ideological development in the community, society cannot progress or be democratically strengthened. Women are the foundation of the Revolution, and significant efforts are made, with limited resources, to ensure that women participate fully in the democratic, public, and governing structures of the cantons! Long live the women’s revolution and all the struggling, unknown revolutionary women who are creating and propelling the revolution forward!


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*Hawzhin Aziz is a volunteer in Kobani. She travelled from Europe to Kobani to be part of Kobani Reconstruction Team.