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Journal articles, editorials, and other content by KAID staff and board members. All work represents the opinions of the authors alone, and not of KAID as an organization. 

Lawrence Cohen

Kurdistan’s Postal Service: Seeking Its Own Address

“Kurdistan’s first postage stamps appeared briefly in 1923 during the short-lived independent Kurdish kingdom. Kurdistan’s modern postal and philatelic story, however, begins in 1992…”

In the Beginning: The Rogers Act of 1924

Nearly a century later, the Rogers Act, buttressed by the Moses-Linthicum Act, still serves as the foundation of the current Foreign Service…Not until 1946, 22 years after its passage, was any noteworthy change to the Foreign Service’s structure deemed necessary. And even then, the Foreign Service Act of 1946 was, in essence, only an updated expression of the ideas Rogers had promulgated in 1924. His vision—and Wilbur Carr’s—still determine to a large degree the conditions under which today’s Foreign Service personnel work and live.

Sarkawt Shamsuldin

Rebuild Kobani, Solve the Refugee Crisis

“Rebuilding Kobani will give hope to thousands of Syrian Refugees that help is on the way. But if the West focuses only on refugees in the camps and does not do enough to help the families who have returned to their homes in Kobani and Tel Abyedh, it is more likely that the refugee crisis will become a bigger issue.”

Fazil Kurdi

The Future of Iraq – Articles from 2007

Meghan Bodette

Articles for The Region

Interview with Meghan Bodette and Sam Kurdi: Press Freedom in Kurdistan 
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