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syrian_refugee_photo__2014_03_21_h12m42s44__DSOngoing and Past Programs

Through our programs, KAID supports institutions and individuals threatened by violence, persecution, extraordinary insecurity, and economic hardship.  We do not discriminate based on religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity, economic background, or political beliefs, and work to serve all vulnerable populations in the regions in which we operate.

Kurdistan AID (KAID) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization working to provide direct support to vulnerable communities in Middle East, particularly Iraq and Syria. Its efforts address the most at-risk refugee and IDP populations, especially women who have been targeted for abuse by terrorist groups. KAID has provided a variety of support services to local civil society organizations and newly established government and civil institutions through capacity building and multiple assistance vehicles. Some of our activities include:

  • Raising funds to assist the residents of Afrin, in northern Syria, to recover and rebuild after invasion by Turkish and insurgent forces.
  • Raising funds to build a school in Kobani after Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISL occupation.
  • Lobbied the Kurdish Regional Government over human rights abuses.
  • Raised funds for earthquake relief efforts in eastern and southern Kurdistan.
  • Provided training in legislative affairs, strategic communication, and office management as part of the capacity development efforts for the Kurdistan Regional Government.
  • Published articles on rebuilding Kobani, press freedoms, the Kurdish postal system, and more.
  • KAID’s current project is focused on working inside the camps in Syria to implement an art project for children, specifically working with foreign and local ISIS children and those who were displaced by recent conflict.

In Depth: Our Partnership with Rojava University and Washington State University

As KAID, we have formally partnered with Rojava University in Qamishlo, North and East Syria and Washington State University in Pullman, Washington in order to facilitate collaborative programs, student exchanges, and other programs that can increase and expand educational outcomes.

We have an agreement with both institutions that can adapt to projects that best benefit us all. Our first project is a proposal to support arts education in North and East Syria that is currently awaiting support. We have already assigned a project manager from KAID to implement these collaborative projects.

Rojava University is the primary institution of higher education in North and East Syria. More information about Rojava University can be found here.

In Depth: Our Aid Campaign for Kobane

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