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A Mustache For Kobani

This program has concluded- to great success. We thank the 47 donors who gave to help us meet and surpass our $3,000 goal. With your help, we raised nearly $600 more than we asked for. 

This holiday season, please help those unfortunate Kurds in desperate need.

I am spearheading a fundraising drive for the students of Kobani, who urgently need clothes, shoes and daily food.

Kobani is a Kurdish city in Rojava/northern Syria that was ravaged by Islamic State combatants last year. Hospitals, schools, homes and shops suffered crushing bombardments.

After a resistance worthy of Russian city of Stalingrad, the Kurdish city was cleansed of its invaders, and displaced families have started to reclaim their city by fixing it one building at a time.
I have identified 300 students of one particular school and would like to help them survive the coming harsh winter of Kurdistan.

To do so, I have decided to grow my moustache through this holiday season and raise $3,000.00.
I ask for your support in donating money to this worthy cause through Kurdistan Aid, a nonprofit
organization.  Please make your tax-deductible donations below  or on the website www.kaid.us using “ A Moustache for Kobani

Your support and generosity are truly appreciated.