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ISIS/ISIL is waging a war against the most basic pillars of human freedom and civilization: the right to freedom of speech and religion, and the culture of coexistence and democracy.

Women In Kobani Continue To Lead

By Hawzhin Aziz The women of Kobane have just built another women’s commune in the western village of Mijkom with the support and leadership of the women’s organization Kongreya Star (Star Congress). The commune consists of 5 committees… Read More


By Hawzhin Azeez Despite the extensive damage to the city (estimated to be around 80%), Kobane has had a steady stream of people return to the canton from neighbouring countries such as Turkey. Currently, over 200,000 people, from… Read More

Please set aside $1 every day

Thank you for your contribution! Last year we raised over $3,000. As a result of your generous giving, we were able to distribute winter jackets, shoes, books, and school supplies to over 300 students in Kobani. We are… Read More

Monthly Donation Plan: Enroll Now!

KAID’s successful campaign, a Mustache For Kobani, is a great example of how your generous giving can make a huge difference in the lives of children. We are asking for monthly donations as small as $10 per month…. Read More

Video: Distributing Clothes and Stationary In Mullati Village

Click the below links: https://youtu.be/usgBmylggGY https://youtu.be/OdbbRZZI218 https://youtu.be/ow6LzplK5KA https://youtu.be/9X6GydaXqts https://youtu.be/xK6Z8u7Cf-w https://youtu.be/SwMwJIeSMTI

What We Bought to Kids in Kobani?

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300 Kids Received Your Donations

KAID is proud to announce that your donations reached to Kobani, Rojava (Syria). We have delivered clothes and stationaries to 300 students in two schools, in Mullati and Siber primary schools in two different villages. Mr. Haval Nasrin,… Read More