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Aid Campaign for Afrin

Afrin was a peaceful region of Rojava (Northern Syria) where all peoples of the region lived together and built a thriving and pluralistic democracy.  On January 20th, Turkey and its jihadist proxies invaded, after months of threats.

Afrin resisted these attacks for nearly two months, as the invaders committed war crimes against its people— bombing civilian areas, using chemical weapons, kidnapping civilians,  destroying farmland, homes, schools, and other infrastructure. In March, many of the remaining civilians evacuated the area.

Today, the Turkish army and jihadist groups with links to ISIS and Al Qaeda occupy the city. They have forced civilians out of their homes, threatened Ezidis, Christians, and all others who refuse to subscribe to their Islamist ideology, destroyed symbols of Kurdish culture, and forced women— who once had  an equal role in the city’s governance— back into their homes. The people of a city once known as a haven for the displaced are now displaced and threatened themselves.

Now is the time to stand with the people of Afrin. Your donations will ensure they get the supplies they need to recover and rebuild. Click here to make your contribution today.