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Please set aside $1 every day

Thank you for your contribution! Last year we raised over $3,000. As a result of your generous giving, we were able to distribute winter jackets, shoes, books, and school supplies to over 300 students in Kobani.

We are still in need of your help now more than ever! This year, our goal is to respond to the wishes of refugee and IDP children who are struggling to rebuild their lives. Help us keep our promise by donating again this year. For each dollar that we raise we are able to provide one full meal to a child in need. Please set aside one dollar every day.

This year, 2016, will be a year of profound growth and lifesaving impact. KAID will be opening its sub offices in the U.S. and abroad. We are confident that we are going to meet the demands needed to reach our goal thanks to your generous giving.